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The Jersey Club Awards was created to encourage and promote the creative arts such as dancing, music production, DJing, singing and poetry. It started 4 years ago by a group of young individuals, with a dance team called “The Connect” who wanted to have their voices heard through music and bring together a community of like-minded young adults. We practice and plan the awards through the school year and the summer, then come together in a forum to appreciate and honor those who strive for excellence. We give out awards to deserving individuals and give a new talent chance to showcase themselves individually or with their team. This is an all year round process that keeps our youth off the streets and enables them to be in a productive environment. It also gives them something to own and look forward to. They also have the opportunity to meet other youth throughout the state of New Jersey. The goal is to provide an evening of fun for everyone in the participating communities uniting us together.

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  1. This seems like a great program & its nice to see it being utilized. Love to Jersey Awards all the way from the CHI!-Boss’TeamBeGood’

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