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Dwayne E. Bowen was born January 18, 1972 in a small community known as Potter’s Crossing in Edison, New Jersey. Dwayne’s childhood was somewhat of an adventure and everything wasn’t always great. Most of his experiences as a child and throughout the teenage to adult years in his life, is his motivation. With having being exposed to many things in life, Dwayne’s passion is to reach others and help children as well as the parents in his community.

With this strive, Dwayne started a Non-Profit Organization in his childhood community called The Life Line Mentoring Group. This Organization focuses on mentoring adolescents and young adults. His goal is to purchase land in up state New York and build live-in/campsite quarters for troubled teens. This will also give them opportunities to pick up trades and many other work abilities.

Dwayne is also the owner of an up and coming Independent Filming Company. Most of his projects and documentaries are based on inner city lifestyles issues and how individuals live on a day-to-day basis. To put his voice out, Dwayne and his brother started a weekly Internet radio show out of Rockland, New York. This show quickly became the biggest internet show on that station but he had to step away after a year and a half to focus on his non-profit-organization.

While visiting Atlanta, Georgia, he met and talked with a Numerologist at the Underground Mall. The Numerologist predicted to Dwayne that his big bucks will come from his passion for writing. With that in mind, while writing, The BS Behind the Biggest Oil Spill in U.S. History: 2010, he reflects on that moment of prediction; which made him focus even harder on this project.

While working at the Gulf Coast and experiencing the oil spill for himself, he witnessed all of the wrong that took place and decided to take that information and write a book. In this book, Dwayne reveals the lies and propaganda behind the Biggest Oil Spill of 2010. Any questions unanswered and curiosities unknown to the public are answered in this book.

Here are a couple of quotes from the author to his readers:
“Word to the wise: Everyone who breathes life is only granted one life, one environment in which to live it but when we the human race toxify the food, water, air and lands, it’s only a matter of time before we all succumb do to others wrong doings and abuse the world.
“Very few people admit the truth, most people deny the truth, the rich pays to hide the truth and the less fortunate people die never knowing the truth. ”

Stay tuned for more up and coming projects from Dwayne including a children’s book by the author himself.

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